I had high expectations for this project and Michael exceeded them, in record time, always helpful and professional. [...] He is so quick the client was amazed. If you have an OScommerce project you'd be crazy not to hire him.

Robert D., Australia

Michael has been working with us for several years now. Excellent contractor, constantly delivering great quality work.

Alfred M., Canada

He remains our first choice for contract work as he is always delightful to work with as he has an excellent ability to translate the our requests in to a logical structure of the web application.

Peter K., Australia

LOOK NO FURTHER! Michael has successfully completed every task given to him in record time. He is a very competent Web developer and is the newest member of our team. I look forward to working with Michael on this and many other assignments in the near future. If you are after a developer who works while you sleep and never says "I'm not sure" then I have no hesitation on recommending him for your job, large or small. Thanks again for you continuing efforts. A++

Emin A., Australia

Michael goes above and beyond to offer the perfect solution for you, and then something extra you hadn't thought about to make it even better. Amazing! Also a pleasure to deal with!

Kay E., Canada

I hired Michael to fix things up, he did in a few days what it was taking my other developer about 4 weeks! [...] He is an outstanding developer. He is very skilled, great communicator and very focused on the task. [...] Thank you again for your outstanding work! You are a lifesaver!

Eric M., United States

He was extremely efficient and jobs were completed usually within 24 hours. He was very helpful in also teaching me some basics so that I could continue to edit some items on my own.

Krystal S., Australia

He was part of our project since we decided to launch the website and proudly I can say that without him we couldn't succeed on the North American market.

Valentin O., Canada

Michael is in my top 2 list of developers and I've hired over 80 developers over the years. He is detail oriented, doesn't make excuses, provides detail in his emails and is a very knowledgeable coder. I will be honored to work with him in the future.

Spencer H., United States

By far the best contractor I have worked with. Excellent communication and best of all he really knows what he is doing.

Mike H., United States

Good job as always! All the goals were accomplished as agreed. Michael can also provide his professional views on many issues. I can warmly recommend.

Ari-Pekka M., Finland

[...] He is more than qualified as a senior PHP developer and has the intelligence, motivation, and character to succeed within your organization, and I would hire him again in a minute.

Steve S., United States

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